Next Steps

After you have attended several services and perhaps spent time as a Friend of UUCC, you may want to become a Member. We would love to have you join us!

Membership implies:

  • agreement with our purpose, goals, and programs,
  • agreement with the principles and purposes of the UUA,
  • and an intention to participate in church activities and share one’s resources and talents. 

Steps to Membership

Becoming a member of any church is an important decision. Before deciding to join, you may want to learn more about UUCC or Unitarian Universalism in general. We want newcomers to make an informed decision about joining the church. In an effort to make our church values and culture transparent & known to newcomers, UUCC offers a series of 13 rotating classes called “Faith Forward”. Faith Forward introduces newcomers to church staff, ministers, and lay leaders and establishes a “safe space” for newcomers to learn more about the church.

To learn more about Faith Forward or the steps to join the church, click here.