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Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga Governing Documents

The UUCC Governing Documents contain information about UUCC’s vision and governance. These documents include:

Updated Benevolence Policy

Policy in PDF format: Benevolence Fund Policy (Rev 7-17-17)

Application in PDF format: Benevolence Fund Application (Rev 7-17-17)

The Benevolence Fund Policy was recently updated (July 2017) with inputs from the Lay Pastoral Care, Social Justice, and the Finance committee. Simply stated, we streamlined the application, broadened the approval process, and clarified the rules for applying. Because of minimal funds over the past two years, we also increased the number of targeted church collections.

Bill Derrickson will be available to discuss these changes with any congregational member after church on August 6, 2017.

New Disruptive Behavior Policy

Policy in PDF format: Disruptive Behavior Policy UUCC July 2017

At the UUCC board meeting held July 18, 2017 the following Policy was voted on and approved for inclusion into UUCC policies and procedures. A meeting, post Sunday service, will be held held most likely in September to discuss this and other policies adopted by the board. Look for the advertisement of the date and time TBD.

Board Minutes