UUCC Board of Trustees

UUCC is an independent non-profit organization governed by an 11-member Board of Trustees of various terms.  New Board members are elected at the Annual Meeting which is held between the end of May and mid June.  Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.

Our 2023-24 Board of Trustees

Dylan Kussman

Dylan Kussman

President - president@uucc.org

Dylan Kussman has been a member of UUCC since 2017, having previously served on the RE and Wowzers committees. He has been a regular teacher with the RE program and believes in the church’s mission to provide young people with a place to grow as UUs and be accepted for who they are. 

Judy Gallagher

Judy Gallagher

President-Elect - president.elect@uucc.org

Judy moved to Chattanooga in 2016 from Western New York. Sought out UUCC right away!  She is co-chair of the Social Justice Committee. Since moving here  she has been involved in the gun violence prevention program of Moms Demand Action, and various other social justice actions.  In the late 1990’s was co-president of the board for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Canandaigua in NY. (Yep, another UUCC!) She also worked on the committee to move that small congregation to become officially a Welcoming Congregation.  Judy spent 28 years as the Communications Director for a Girl Scout council in New York State that served 13, then 26 counties.   Currently semi-retired working part time as the office coordinator for the UTC Psychology Dept.  Mother to two adult daughters Allyson and Kelsey, and Nana to Milo (8) and Raiden (2 ).

Linn Boshers

Linn Boshers

Secretary - secretary@uucc.org

Along with her husband, Chris, and two daughters, Megan and Madeline, Linn Boshers has belonged to UUCC for over 15 years. She has worked as a nurse for 22 years and is completing a doctorate in nursing practice with the intention of becoming a nurse practitioner in primary care. Linn loves UUCC because it is a place where she feels loved and accepted and can be herself. “It’s my place of refuge.” Linn enjoys singing and being inquisitive; she holds that learning new things and experiencing wonderment may happen at any age. 
Brianne Brucker-Derveloy

Brianne Brucker-Derveloy

Treasurer - treasurer@uucc.org

Andy Foskey

Andy Foskey

Past-President - past.president@uucc.org

Christian Horvath

Christian Horvath

Member At-Large - mematlarge1@uucc.org

I was born in 1971 in Vienna, Austria and grew up in a liberal Catholic church. I was always active in churches (Catholic, Methodist, United Church of Christ) as a Youth Minister, Finance Committee Chair and in Public Relations. In 1994, I met the love of my life, Selina – a passionate Permaculture gardener & Jazz performer from East Tennessee. We have two children Anna (19yrs, Neuroscience at Temple University) and Sebastian (24 yrs, Composition at MTSU).

In Feb. 2018, I visited our UUCC church and found my new spiritual home. UUs built a beautiful community here and I am committed to make it grow and thrive further.   

I work in financial management at Volkswagen Chattanooga and we recently moved to our “3 acres city farm” in Washington Hills off Highway 58. My hobbies are Hiking, Volleyball, and playing the Guitar & Singing.

Sally Peixoto

Sally Peixoto

Member At-Large - mematlarge2@uucc.org

David Benn

David Benn

Member At-Large - mematlarge3@uucc.org

Gary Beale

Gary Beale

Member At-Large - mematlarge4@uucc.org

Emily Compton

Emily Compton

Member At-Large - mematlarge5@uucc.org

Our 2021-22 Board of Trustees members:

Chen Zhang, President

Andy Foskey, President-Elect

Judy Gallagher, Secretary

Rodger Miller, Treasurer

Amy Kussman, VP Resources

Christian Horvath, VP Congregational Life

John Standridge, VP Outreach

Sally Peixoto, VP Religious Growth

Our 2020-21 Board of Trustees members:

Chen Zhang, President

Emily Sartain, President Elect

Wendy Sapp, Immediate Past President

Roger Davis, Secretary

Christian Horvath, Treasurer

Rodger Miller, Treasurer-Elect

Amy Kussman, VP Resources Ministry

Jon Littlefield, VP of Outreach

Our 2019-20 Board of Trustees members:

Wendy Sapp, President

Chen Zhang, President Elect

Nicky Ozbek, Immediate Past President

Roger Davis, Secretary

Lynna Ruth Standridge, Treasurer

Christian Horvath, Treasurer-Elect

Emily Sartain, VP of Religious Growth Ministry

David Benn, VP Resources Ministry

Jon Littlefield, VP of Outreach

Our 2018-19 Board of Trustees members:

Nicky Ozbek, President

Bart Solomon, Immediate Past President

Connie Cowherd, Secretary

Lynna Ruth Standridge, Treasurer

Link Christensen, VP Congregational Life Ministry

David Benn, VP Resources Ministry