2019 – 2020 Board of Trustees


Our 2019-20 Board of Trustees members are:

Wendy Sapp, President

Wendy Sapp has been a member of UUCC since 1996. During her time at UUCC, she has held several leadership roles in the church including: editing the newsletter for 10 years, teaching Religious Education classes for 13 years, serving on the RE committee for 8 years, co-ordinating Small Group
Ministry for 3 years, and starting the Lay Pastoral Care team then leading the LPC team for 6 years. Most recently, she served on the Ministerial Search Committee from 2018-2019. Wendy’s two children, Victoria (12 years) and Nicholas (8 years) are enthusiastic participants in the RE program and enjoy
assisting with multigenerational services. In addition to volunteering at church, Wendy works as a consultant on issues relating to educating children with visual impairments and blindness. In addition to her work, volunteering, and family, she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, yoga, and playing with her new

Nicky Ozbek, Immediate Past President

Nicky moved to Chattanooga and joined UUCC in 1977. During three previous terms on the Board of Trustees, Nicky has served as VP for Religious Education, Congregational Life, and Outreach Ministries.

Nicky says, “During my time with UUCC, I have seen this church manage conflict both internal and external. I have been privileged to learn through the example of some exemplary people how to live the UU principles that we hold dear.”

Nicky is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. In addition to volunteering at UUCC, she enjoys sharing time with friends and local family, son John and granddaughter Ansley.

Chen Zhang, President-Elect

Chen has been a member at various UU congregations for the past six years. He was first exposed to UU in Rhode Island after his wife Sally brought him to First UU Providence. Since the introduction he has been committed to building a beloved community inside and outside of the church
building. He has contributed time throughout the past six years in various capacities from volunteering as a religious education teacher, facilitating small group ministry, participating in worship through the Wowsers, and as Chair of the UUCC Communications Committee. He has most recently served on the
Ministerial Search Committee for the UUCC. Chen completed a BS in biological engineering from Cornell University and MPH in Health Behavior from UNC-Chapel Hill. His professional experience is in public health, research, design thinking, and user experience.

Roger Davis, Secretary

My wife, Charlotte, and I tried out the church around 2005. But my first exposure to the church happened 10 years earlier when my ex-wife’s uncle, George Lee, took my two sons and me to the church for a service featuring a Mardi Gras parade for the kids. The crazy fun made an impression on me. When Charlotte and I committed to the church and became members, within a couple of years, I was honored to serve as president of the board. I can’t remember the exact years — it was the term after Daidee Springer — with Jeff Briere as our minister. I experienced just how opinionated all us UUs can be. I originally came to Tennessee in 1985 via California, where I was born and raised. Having gone to college in the San Francisco Bay Area during the Vietnam War and Woodstock and Altamont rock festivals, I brought a recognizable progressive political aura with me. This is just one reason why I appreciate the UUCC — it’s like an island of progressive sanity within southeast Tennessee. And with that sanity comes some wonderful congregants: loving, practical and intelligent. I might also add that I’m the resident drummer of the church, currently playing in 3 local bands, two of which involve very musical church members. I am again honored to return to the Board this July 1st, this time as secretary. It promises to be an exciting year, what with all the new people who are participating in the church, and, of course, with the arrival of our new minister.

Lynna Ruth Standridge, Treasurer

Lynna Ruth Standridge, born and raised in Tennessee, spent her first 18 years in a Southern Baptist Church. Her introduction to UU came through the Knoxville church, followed by the Memphis fellowship, the Roanoke church, and the Tri-Cities church. She returned to UUCC about 8 years ago.

Trained in psychology and with a Master’s in School Psychology, Lynna Ruth has spent most of her work life in healthcare, primarily managing medical practices. Lynna Ruth has been married to Dr. John Standridge for 47 years. They have two sons, Adam and Aaron, and two grandchildren, Addison and Arianna.

Christian Horvath, Treasurer-Elect

I was born in 1971 in Vienna, Austria and grew up as a Catholic and was always active in church – youth minister, finance committee chair, etc. In 1994 I met the love of my life, Selina (a Jazz performer and teacher from East Tennessee). After moving back and forth between Knoxville and Vienna and over and over again being active in various churches (Methodist & United Church of Christ), I finally moved in 2011 to Chattanooga, TN, following Selina and our children, Anna (17yrs) and Sebastian (21yrs). Christian served on the Finance Committee at UUCC.
I work in financial management at Volkswagen Chattanooga and live with my family in North Chattanooga in a 100 year old house. My hobbies are volleyball, stamp collecting (what a nerd!), hiking and playing the guitar and singing.

Emily Sartain, VP Religious Growth Ministry

Emily Sartain has been a Unitarian Universalist since 2008 and has attended UUCC since moving to the Chattanooga area in 2014. She has enjoyed working with the Religious Education program in several ways, including teaching RE, serving on the RE committee, and being the chair of the RE
committee for the last 3 years. She is mom to 3 children who attend UUCC (Marissa, Neil, and Jude) and one more who has grown up and left the nest (Eve.) Away from UUCC, Emily devotes much of her time to the preschool she owns and directs, as well as volunteer pursuits with Girl Scouts and Court
Appointed Special Advocates.

David Benn, VP Resources Ministry

Dave Benn has enjoyed a 45-year career as an archaeologist while teaching part-time in university settings and directing large excavation projects in the upper Midwest. He and his partner, Judith, are long-time UUs and moved to Chattanooga four years ago to begin “retirement.” However, both are busier than ever.

Dave helps with Church landscaping work, does sound tech some Sundays, takes a turn at teaching RE Teens, is active in Social Justice events, and is assuming the role of facilities maintenance/management from Paul Adler. 

Jon Littlefield, VP Outreach

Jon is currently on faculty at Dalton State. His MBA is in finance and he has a PhD in marketing. Jon has extensive experience serving on and chairing committees in the academic setting. He currently serves as the chair of the business school’s strategic planning committee. His research is focused on
social issues such as gender and consumer vulnerability. His personal ethos is that different perspectives be heard, understood, and considered and his preference (while not always possible) is to reach consensus.

Jon grew up in a nondenominational church that became a UU congregation while he was in high school. He has been a member of UU congregations in Asheville, Wilmington, Blacksburg, and Raleigh. Jon and his wife Talia came to UUCC with their son, David in 2017 and placed membership in
June of 2018. Jon is committed to the future of UUCC.


Our 2018-19 Board of Trustees members:
Nicky Ozbek, President
Bart Solomon, Immediate Past President
Connie Cowherd, Secretary
Lynna Ruth Standridge, Treasurer
Link Christensen, VP Congregational Life Ministry
David Benn, VP Resources Ministry