Becoming a member of any church is an important decision. Before deciding to join, you may want to learn more about UUCC or Unitarian Universalism in general. We want newcomers to make an informed decision about joining the church. In an effort to make our church values and culture transparent & known to newcomers, UUCC offers a series of 13 rotating classes called “Faith Forward”. Faith Forward introduces newcomers to church staff, ministers, and lay leaders and establishes a “safe space” for newcomers to learn more about the church.

To learn more about Faith Forward or the steps to join the church, please reach out to our minister or the church office at

The topics covered in Faith Forward are outlined below:

Session 1: Q&A with the Minister

Session 2: UU History, Principles, and Sources

Session 3: Campus Tour & Orientation

Session 4: Faith Development for Children & Adults

Session 5: Worship & Liturgical Year

Session 6: Social Action & Community Service

Session 7: Pastoral Care & Small Groups

Session 8: Membership 101 & Congregational Life

Session 9: What do UU’s Believe?

Session 10: Is this a New Religion?

Session 11: How do we “do church”?

Session 12: How do we Live our Values?

Session 13: Does it Matter if I Join? 

When and where are the Faith Forward Classes held?

Faith Forward classes are held most Sundays in the Sanctuary at 12:30 (directly following service).  Each class is approximately forty-five minutes to an hour long.

Who is invited to attend?

Anyone is welcome to attend. While the classes can be particularly helpful for visitors seeking to learn more about the church, they can also be informative for members.

Do I need to “sign up” or plan to attend all 13 weeks?

There is no need to sign up. The Faith Forward classes are very informal. While each session offers different information that you might find helpful, you do not need to attend all 13 classes or attend them in order. You can “pop in” or pick and choose which sessions you would like to attend.

Will there be food? What about childcare?

We know it’s getting close to lunch time so don’t worry, we’ll have some snacks for you! We also offer childcare. 

Who teaches the classes?

The classes are taught by a variety of people- staff, ministers, lay leaders, and congregants. We want you to meet a variety of people in the church.

What if I miss a session that I’m really interested in?

If you are not able to attend on a week that is of particular interest to you, don’t worry…once the 13 week session is over, it will start again so you can catch the session the next time it is offered. If there is a question you have in the meantime, feel free to reach out to Mandy at the church office.