Social Justice Events at UUCC

Food Collection at UUCC


On January 29, please bring in your filled grocery bags to donate to the Food Bank. We will deliver them to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank and report back to you on how much was donated.

If you prefer to make a cash donation to the Food Bank, it will be gladly received.

After January 2023, we will continue collecting food every month for the Food Bank. Look for the donation box on the fourth Sunday of each month.

Please also consider volunteering at The Food Bank. They need help sorting and packing food boxes, and distributing food at the Foxwood Food Center.

Food Insecurity doesn’t take a holiday and neither will we!

22-23 Social Justice Movie Night Schedule


September 23d, “Don’t look Up” (Netflix, Environment)
October 28, “Suppressed and Sabotaged: The Fight to Vote” (Prime, Voting rights; Activism)
November 18, Robert Reich Shorts (Inequality for All media)
December 23, “It’s a Wonderful Life” (Making a difference)


January 27, “Elysium” (Netflix, Inequality)
February 24, “The Hate You Give” (Netflix, Black Experience
March 24, “Where to Invade Next”(netflix,gun violence; more)
April 28, “A Beautiful Planet” (Netflix Environment)
May 26, “Milk” (Netflix, LGBTQ awareness)

Have Questions?

Reach out to Judy Gallagher (, or Judith Pedersen-Benn( for more information about UUCC Social Justice Events.