Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

We are located on the top of a hill, in East Ridge (Chattanooga) at 3224 Navajo Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37411. This map will help you find us!

Where do I park?

There are special parking places for first-time visitors as well as handicapped parking spaces in the parking lot at the top of the hill, on the same level as the church. There are also regular parking spaces in that lot. Additional parking is available part way up the hill from the entrance.

What should I wear?

You should wear what is comfortable for you. Some people enjoy getting dressed up, and others are more casual. Anyone who is helping with children’s religious education may be dressed for having fun with the kids, whether that means painting, arts and crafts, or playing on the floor.

When should I arrive?

If you arrive 15 – 20 minutes before the start of service, you will have time to park, and perhaps avail yourself of a cup of coffee and some conversation. If you enjoy a bit of silence before service, please feel free to sit down and settle in.

Is the church wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The sanctuary is on the main level of the building, with a ramp up to the front door.

Do you have aids for hearing and sight impaired?

We do have aids for the hearing impaired. They are available from the “sound booth” located in the sanctuary. One of our greeters will be happy to help you locate the sound booth and secure the aid.

Where do I sit?

Sit anywhere in the sanctuary. If you use one of the hearing assistance devices we provide, you will be instructed to sit on the perimeter.

What happens at a Sunday service?

Elements of our typical Unitarian Universalist Sunday morning service include:

  • Gathering music
  • Opening words of welcome
  • Greeting one another
  • Chalice lighting
  • Opening song
  • Story for all ages
  • Children’s recessional
  • Meditation and candle lighting
  • Sermon or Presentation
  • Offertory
  • Closing song
  • Extinguishing the Chalice
  • Closing Words
  • Closing Music

What else happens on Sundays?

Forum happens from 9:30 until 10:30 on Sunday mornings, with a summer hiatus. Invited guests speak and audience and speakers discuss. It can be a rousing way to start Sunday morning!

Can my child stay with me during the service?

Yes. After you have visited a few times your child may feel ready to attend Religious Education classes, which are held during Sunday service. Childcare is available for younger children.

What do children and teens do during the service?

Children and teens generally remain in the sanctuary for the beginning of the service. They may leave for religious education classes together after the Story for All Ages, at approximately 11:15. The children and teens are grouped according to grade level, and they meet with teachers. Classes span a range of interests and activities; they might include arts and crafts, engaging activities and play, social justice projects, and lessons about UUism, history, living our UU values, and other world religions

When do you offer religious education classes?

Children and teens religious education classes begin at 11:15 on Sundays, and end at around 12:15. There are times during the year when we have intergenerational services, and several times each year the entire service is presented by the children and/or teens.

Do I have to stand up and introduce myself?

We do welcome our visitors to our service, however you do not need to stand up and introduce yourself. We would appreciate it if you would wear a name tag, obtained when you came into the building.

Will I be able to meet the minister?

Rev. Mandy Goheen is in the pulpit approximately three Sundays a month. Check our home page, or our Facebook page, to see who is next delivering the Sunday service.

Is there a casual time when we can visit and chat?

Yes. We provide coffee and refreshments before and after service. Please feel free to join in!

Do I have to join right away if I want to participate?

No. You can become a “Friend” of UUCC. A Friend is treated as a Member except that only Members can vote at congregational meetings, and you must be a Member to serve on the Board of Trustees.

How can I become a  member?

Start of by attending several Sunday services to get to know us better. If you then decide that becoming a member is the right thing to do, contact our Minister at or our Office Administrator at