What is the Social Justice Committee?

The Social Justice Committee serves the Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga by providing diverse opportunities to address the social justice issues in the City, State, and Country. We are committed to working to make a difference in the lives and hearts of, not only our church community, but the greater Chattanooga community and the world! Ultimately, this is what Unitarian Universalists are all about – working for peace and justice for all.


The Social Justice Team continues to promote justice in our community by participating in the following programs (2017-2018-2019):

  1. Welcome Home – a shelter, healing and compassionate end of life care for those in need
  2. Father to the Fatherless – offers programs that empower at risk young men through teaching, mentoring, and learning
  3. CALEB – Chattanooga in Action for Love, Equality, and Benevolence which seeks to collectively bringing together different groups who share the same vision for our city and its betterment
  4. A commitment to dialogue with Black Churches in the City around issues of race and racism
  5. Sharing our resources with community and national institutions serving those in need and promoting justice
  6. Providing workshops to help reduce the stress of trauma in our community in collaboration with South African activist and teacher Father Lapsley and his organization, “Healing of Memories.”
  7. Sponsor movie screenings & occasional Forums related to Social Justice themes
  8. Sponsor and/or host LBGTQ events
  9. Provide Environmental Education and Activities
  10. Educating about Immigration and other Social Issues

We meet Quarterly. Please contact the Social Justice Committee at sj@uucc.org for more information.