Wonderfully Made

On November 22nd, our service will celebrate the beauty of ethical understanding of human sexuality that is a part of how we are each wonderfully made. The story for all ages is called Sex is a Funny Word. Please check it out on YouTube. Promise it is not too racy! 

You might be wondering what sexual ethics and TDOR have to do with each other? To top it off, what can a cisgender female that has been in a heteronormative relationship for twenty-seven years have to teach UUCC about sexual ethics much less TDOR? Why is this coming up on a Sunday, can’t we save this for a quiet time during a more comfortable circumstance? And how on earth does any of this have anything to do with the 139th Psalm?

Rev Mandy will help us unpack these questions and answer them for ourselves, because we are unique people with a unique perspective. We will spend time differentiating gender and sexuality. We will also explore how mainstream religion has separated people from their sexuality and gender identity. How it was lumped together and then separate from the mind and heart. Gender and sex are forced to conform to a tiny shared box or be labeled as different or sinful. What is our place in all of this as UU’s who love justice? Clearly, we are too “smart” to buy into that kind of rhetoric. But there we go using our heads again.