The mission of our youth Religious Education (RE) program is to provide experiences for our children and youth that will support their personal growth and development
as thinking, spiritual, and ethical beings.

Our motto is:  Educate – Explore – Empower!

Our Goals for Children and Youth

At UUCC we endeavor:

  • To acknowledge and encourage the special gifts of every child.
  • To affirm and model the value of diversity and difference.
  • To facilitate the development of each child as a religious thinker.
  • To teach about the values, beliefs, and history of our Unitarian Universalist movement.
  • To offer opportunities for service to others.
  • To create a vibrant and shared experience of membership in a safe and loving community.
  • To celebrate holidays and meaningful events together, with an emphasis toward fun.

Our Intern Minister of Lifespan Faith Development is Amanda Schuber.