Stories from a few of our members about what UUCC means to them, and how they got here!

Monique Lewis

After my first visit back in 1981, with my two young sons, I immediately knew that UUCC would be my church home. This loving community supported me and allowed me the freedom to grow spiritually and intellectually. I am so grateful for the opportunities to serve within this dedicated community and for the wonderful friendships I have made along the way.

Bart Solomon

To me UUCC means family, a safe place to raise children and fellowship.  I grew up at UUCC and appreciated the religious education that gave me the freedom to choose my own religious path. I met my wife at UUCC and it was important to us that our children have the same freedom in their religious education. We enjoy being with family and friends at Sunday service.  We also come to UUCC because of the fellowship we enjoy with events such as the 60’s themed auction party!

Wendy Sapp

Over 20 years ago I walked through the doors of UUCC and knew I was home. My children, now 6 and 11, love growing up in this church, and I am grateful they have this second family to support and nurture them. UUCC provides a place for my children and me to reach up as we explore and grow spiritually, reach in as we weave a strong network of friendships within the church, and reach out as we help build a world where justice will prevail.  Our lives are richer and more vibrant because of this church.

George & Linda Helton

When our 7-year- old daughter came home from school 36 years ago asking “What is religion?,” we decided to take the plunge.  Having been invited to UUCC by a work colleague, we gave it a try and are still here. What kept us coming back?  Deep relationships, spiritual growth, and a sense of accomplishment from acts of service to the congregation over the years. Has it been perfect?  Of course not.  But where else could we have found the freedom to explore our own paths while walking with others in pursuing justice and the democratic process?