Welcome! We are grateful and honored that you’re considering attending one of our Sunday services.

Our regular Sunday Service starts at 11:00 with an energetic song. During the course of the service, we will offer a meditation or two, contemplate a passage from literature, perhaps a poem, maybe hear a reading from a world religion. We will sing, play music, ask silent questions, and laugh right out loud. A sermon or topical presentation of some sort is standard, as is a moment of contemplative quiet.  We take an offering to support the work of the congregation, and monthly we ‘share the plate’ with other community nonprofits working at making the world a better place.

Arrive early enough before our 11:00 am service to enjoy a cup of coffee and meet a fellow traveler or two. We are committed to help newcomers feel at ease and welcomed in our community. Our greeters ensure you have an Order of Service; you will have the opportunity to make a name tag. We encourage you to fill out a visitor card to help us learn about you, and help connect you to our email announcements and newsletter.and no doubt a member or two will introduce themselves and help you find a comfortable spot.

Religious education for older kids (high school) starts at 11:00 downstairs. Younger children stay in the service with their parents through the ‘intergenerational story’, then go to their classes. During your first visits to UUCC, children are welcome to stay with you or attend religious education classes. We also offer nursery care at our services.

Dress is casual and comfortable. Good taste and civil behavior are always in style. The service is followed by a time of fellowship and refreshments. Minister and members will welcome you and answer questions.

We hope to see you soon!