Child Poverty: The Work of Ruby Payne

This is the National Children’s Sabbath and this year’s theme is Uniting Hearts and Voices to End Child Poverty. As a method of orientation we will explore Ruby Payne’s work titled Understanding Poverty. The book has made an incredible impact on how educators in … read more.

Belonging to the Universe

Death and memory are complicated by our lens of grief. Sometimes we are pressured by our world to stifle our relationship with the very thing we all have in common, dying. Using the perspective of Religious Naturalism we will make space for our relationship with … read more.

2 Side With Love

“A child is only as disabled as their environment and the beliefs of the people around them.” – Bala Pillai

The language of ableism has saturated our culture. The normalization of one kind of body or one kind of brain often times distracts … read more.