Water Communion

During this year’s in-gathering, we will once again sail into uncharted territory. In this multi-generational service, we will explore what it means to be anchored in love. This year we will use the symbol of the anchor to remind us that despite the distance we … read more.

Hedge’s Club

The Transcendentalist Club was described by Ralph Waldo Emerson as “the occasional meetings of a changing body of liberal thinkers, agreeing in nothing but their liberality”. The members of the group referred to themselves as Hedge’s Club because they met when Frederic Henry Hedge was visiting Boston. … read more.

Whitewashing and Jim Crow in the Labor Movement

Black labor organizing has been playing on repeat, beginning the moment skilled tradespeople were kidnapped and brought to the Colonies. Labor organizers have always known that a unified workforce is stronger. What happened when organizing ran into it’s the strongest enemy – Jim Crow backed capitalism? … read more.