Committed to Connecting

Dehumanization and disconnection are tools of oppression that remain malignant forces in our society. How can we Unitarian Universalists promote and nourish re-humanizing? We will explore gritty hospitality, radical inclusion, and collective effervescence.

What’s Up With the Nones?

Because we are a global community these days, and because I am an atheist/None who attends church probably more than most “religious” people, I am fascinated with who we are. Who are the Nones? What do they want in life? How are they shaping the … read more.

The Fine Line

Friday is the beginning of Chinese New Year and this coming Sunday Valentine’s Day. Both holidays are associated with the color red. But wait isn’t the color red also associated with anger? We say if we find ourselves embodied in conflict “seeing red”. How can the color red represent both … read more.