tom kunesh

Waters Real & Imaginary


Our annual ‘Water Communion’ – celebrating this summer’s things we’ve done, places we’ve visited, waters we’ve met. Bring a small container of water from real or related water for pouring & mixing into our big communal bowl of … read more.

Real Dads: Stories of Our Fathers

Freud says God is our Dads writ large. Our annual national Father’s Day affirms that feeling, that belief, that secular worship of Our Father. Learning about religion in our liberal tradition means that we learn about the Other Side, and that sometimes we need to … read more.

The Secret African Origins of UUism

Being bound to the ‘Western’ european traditions, we often forget that the first known person to promote monotheism was African, over 3300 years ago. The first 2 Christians to promote God’s universal love and the Oneness of deity were … African, 1800 years ago. We … read more.