Rev. Mandy Goheen

What Comes Next?

On our journey through life our attitudes about faith and death shift along a developmental spectrum. This week we will broaden our understanding of the Stages of Faith through the work of James W. Fowler. In his work, he explores the big questions like: Does … read more.

Animal Blessing

Join UUCC for all species community-wide celebration of the animals in our lives. During the past few weeks, many of us have had some real bonding time with the animals in our lives. Whether its extra snuggles with your favorite kitty or mindfully watching the … read more.

Out of Egypt

What is your Egypt? Your Red Sea? Stone to roll back? Perhaps it is a place you are stuck or a way of thinking. A habit that you dream of breaking. A fear you know overcoming might bring new life. An addiction, thought-pattern, or behavior … read more.

The Game is afoot!

Being an expert on nearly everything it shouldn’t surprise you to find out that Sherlock Holmes was (allegedly) a Tibetan Buddhist master. During his absence (aka faked death) it is rumored he lived in Tibet learning the ways of the dharma. What clues can we … read more.