Rev. Mandy Goheen

No Mud, No Lotus

As a people, Americans spend most of our days checked out of our bodies. Nose in our phones, everything we need to know is at our fingertips. Bodies disconnected as our minds travel through the web of the internet ignoring the web of life surrounding … read more.

A Mother Went to Selma

A mother went to Selma, Alabama answering the rally cry from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. A father, farmer, breadwinner, Baptist deacon, Army veteran, and civil rights activist in Marion, Alabama was mortality wounded by Alabama state police for defending his mother. He suffered nine … read more.

The Fellowship Movement: UUCC from the Ground Up

Unitarian evangelist Munroe Husbands is responsible for incredible growth in numbers and fellowships. According to the UUA, “ By 1958, 323 fellowships had been organized, representing 12,500 members, 75 percent of whom were new to Unitarianism. In the single year 1958-59, 55 new fellowships were … read more.

That Which Holds

What holds us in a religious tradition that provides the tools for a free and responsible search for truth and meaning? Is this really “free” or are there some unwritten rules about what kind of truth and meaning you are free to find? What holds … read more.