Rev. Mandy Goheen

Dedicating the Temple

The theme for December is stillness. In times of stillness we find ourselves surrounded by silence not quite knowing what to do with ourselves. There are many types of silence, silence can be a comfort or it can be awkward. Silence can hold many emotions … read more.

This Too Shall Pass

This election cycle has been a tough ending to the past few years. With such a close race we can’t help but notice the division that exists in our county. The image of a crossroads comes to mind. Ok, it has been a little more like a … read more.

Death & Taxes

We all know Rev Mandy has been on a history kick lately. So it shouldn’t surprise you that Benjamin Franklin’s words on November 13th, 1789 to Jean-Baptiste Leroy caught her attention when thinking about death. Franklin famously wrote, “Our new Constitution is now established, and has … read more.