Rev. Mandy Goheen

Be Batman

A very wise t-shirt once said: Always be yourself! Unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman. In today’s world, we are not only expected to be our authentic self we are expected to be our perfect self at the same time. But … read more.

At Least Half Empty

Is there a benefit to a glass half empty attitude? We will explore the positive side of pessimism. By using it as a tool that keeps us grounded, our expectations can be more realistic and our lives less disappointing. Surprisingly sometimes the downside of … read more.

Once Upon a Time in the Labor Movement

A fairy tale about the labor movement in Appalachia. Like all fairy tales there will be unbelievable characters from enchanted mountain going to great lengths to ensure there is a happy ending. This is part of the numerical sermon series that will give some insight … read more.

Stacking Rocks: 5 Smooth Stones

Rocks piled up in a tower formation are called cairns. The word is from the Scottish Gaelic meaning, “mounds of stones built as a memorial or landmark.” Today they are used as trail markers and sometimes stacked for fun. Not unlike the rocks stacked to … read more.