No Mud, No Lotus

As a people, Americans spend most of our days checked out of our bodies. Nose in our phones, everything we need to know is at our fingertips. Bodies disconnected as our minds travel through the web of the internet ignoring the web of life surrounding them. If we wake from our digital slumber and let go of distractions, many times we run into unwelcome emotions we have been storing in the cloud. Besides if we let go of social media how will we know what our friends are doing? When we take a break from distractions we often find we are up to our knees in the mud of emotions and problems we have been avoiding. In the book No Mud No Lotus, Thich Nhat Hanh brings up the importance of the mud we are standing in. Thầy gives us some tools to apply mindfulness to cultivate gratitude for our bodies and emotions. Mindfulness is a strong tool to keep us focused on the beauty of the mud and not just the bloom that rises out of it. But there are always more questions and never enough time for meditation. What if the water is swift and no mud can collect? There are always cahaba lilies, what lessons might they teach?