I Choose All, Y’all

“Y’all,” that strange regional and ethnic conjunction, offers a simplicity to speech that can’t be found elsewhere. It is a magnificently elegant linguistic creation.”
Vann R. Newkirk II, senior editor at The Atlantic and the host of the podcast Floodlines.

We southerners have a cultural upper hand when it comes to our beloved pronoun, “y’all.” And what better time to celebrate y’all as National Coming Out Day!!!!! It is an interesting practice to drop specified gender from our vocabulary. As a feminist of sorts Rev Mandy (yes the word man is in her name) oftentimes cringes at the default male-centered language some really smart really interesting people use. Rev Mandy has caught herself use the term “mankind” several times in the past month. The issue isn’t the word so much as its implication that people are by default male. There is the real problem – there is no default, and it is unlikely you could find a specimen of a default person. And come on, is it really that important what word we use when no harm was meant? What happens when we deepen into our first principle, the inherent worth and dignity of every person? What happens when we show people the respect they deserve by dropping our everyday gendered language? Y’all will just have to tune in on Zoom to find out.