Casting Apple Seeds

Belonging to a family of origin is complicated and important no matter what your background. The hard truth is not one family is ideal. Some of us feel a deep sense of belonging while others feel the firsthand woundedness of generational trauma. What if we consider the apple instead of the whole tree? Some apples plop to the ground, some roll away, while some are eaten. The one thing they have in common is they have seeds that connect them to the lineage of trees they came from. They belong to the tree. “Belonging is one of the things that makes life bearable, and it can be tough to look at a binary world and choose against both sides.” ― Andrew Solomon, Far From the Tree

The good news is many of us find ourselves part of a chosen family sometime in our lives. We take it upon ourselves to sort our apples. The even better news is that being part of a church family at UUCC can be a place of connection with the people we needed in our family all along.