Green Sanctuary Initiative ~ January 2017


It is 2017. Of course, a new year always brings reflections on how our lives will move through the future. This year it’s hard to determine as the election has shaken many assumptions about the framework in which to operate. When President Obama was elected under a hope and change banner, it seemed positive progress. This time we have certainly had change, but any hope I have left is that American values around democracy, freedom of religion and justice for all won’t cease to exist. I have hope that this President won’t move us to fascism and unrestrained capitalism that leaves many in the dust. I hope that the checks and balances already in place in our government will prevent knee jerk dictates from becoming law or result in dropping bombs instead of conducting global negotiations. And as an environmentalist, I most fervently hope that that the Paris Agreement with its mission for the world’s nations to reduce carbon emissions thereby assuring a livable planet for all beings will not suffer because this new President doesn’t recognize the science around climate change or the need for action.

It is urgently time for more resolve from people of faith for justice with actions that support both the interdependent web of life and morality. UUCC has already begun. Spread the word to the general public and volunteer to help:

  1. On January 12, UUCC Green Sanctuary Initiative and the Social Justice Committee will sponsor a storytelling from Standing Rock residents and protesters as they fight for their land and water.
  2. On February 4, plan to spend a both relevant and elegant evening featuring a reading of “Extreme Whether”, an informative and entertaining play depicting the political and family struggles of a climate scientist trying to convince people that global warming is real. The play was first presented in Paris at the COP21 Conference. Come enjoy the play along with music, fancy desserts and beverage.
  3. Perhaps it is time to think about adding more solar panels to our roof thereby enhancing our existing justice statement. After all, solar electrons produced can replace polluting fossil fuel and nuclear produced electrons making for clean air and water for all.

Submitted by: Sandy Kuertz