Green and Greener Committees Work for Earth ~ January 2018

Submitted by: Sandy Kurtz

Green Sanctuary logo

It seems a bit early to be thinking about Earth Day on April 22, but really every day is Earth Day isn’t it? In fact, a Green Sanctuary Planning Committee has already formed and is working on an inspirational Sunday service fitting an Earth commemoration. If you have any suggestions you would like to make, see Blake Degan, Mary Lou Reed, Elaine Watkins, tom kunesh, Kay McCurdy, or me.  

We are working to involve youth throughout the entire month of April. We will be weaving environmental awareness and actions into their lessons culminating in reports of results during the Earth Day service. The service will be followed by a Vegan No-Waste Potluck. One of the most direct actions you can take to help the continuing vitality of the Earth is to not eat meat. For those who have never eaten a meal without meat on the plate, here’s a chance to make a special statement for the Earth and enjoy doing it. Recipes will be coming soon if you don’t have any of your own. We will make every effort to create no waste during this repast. That means composting, recycling and yes the camaraderie of dishwashing will be required. Following lunch, those who are not too full can go to Coolidge Park for the Earth Day celebration preferably by carpool to save on gas emissions. There will be plenty of environmental tables and vendors in the park plus live music and outdoor fun to top off the day!

And when that day is over, what else can we do to be a greener sanctuary? Is it time to think about increasing the solar power on our roof and working to make UUCC a net zero energy building? Anyone want to form a solar committee?