Forum ~ February 11, 2018 ~ 9:30 am

Ten Oxherding Pictures: A Path to Enlightenment

Presented by: Richard Dube

Program arranged by Connie Cowherd

Richard Dube’ has a diverse background which includes serving as an Adjunct Professor at Southern Adventist University; authoring several books; designing Japanese gardens; and a fascination with photography. Especially pertinent to this presentation, he has spent time at the International Zen Center in Shinagawa, Japan as a student of Zen. He is currently writing a novel about a woman’s journey of self-discovery and uses the Ten Ox-Herding pictures as an underlying structure of his book. The Ten Ox-Herding Pictures are based on an ancient Taoist story that was updated in the 12th century to explain the path to enlightenment. It describes the dance between the ego and the Buddha-nature through the metaphor of taming the ox, understanding the self and ultimately transcending it all. It teaches us, regardless of religious belief, how to pass through this selfless-ness and emerge on the other side transformed. Look forward to seeing you there.