During the Annual Meeting on June 12, 2016, UUCC voted to accept this Communal Promise as the way we will be together, in community, treating each other with respect:

We journey together bound
in the interdependent web of existence.
We embrace diversity, own our conflicts,
and assume good intentions.
When we fail, we begin again in love.
Justice and compassion shall be our watchwords
and beloved community, our goal.

From “Minister’s Musings” in our August 25, 2016 nUUsletter, Rev. Cathy Harrington writes:

Here’s how covenant is explained by Gretchen Haley, the minister of the Unitarian Church in Ft. Collins, CO.

“…covenant holds a whole vision for how to live in this complicated, beautiful and broken world. It is a vision that says we are most human when we bind ourselves in relationship. But not just any relationship – relationships of trust, mutual accountability and continual return.

This is not what our culture teaches us. Our culture teaches us that what it means to be human is to be an individual – self-defined, self-determined, separate even. But our UU covenantal theology affirms that being human comes down to the commitments we make to and with each other – the relationships we keep. We become human through our promises to and with each other.”

~ Gretchen Haley

When I asked our newest members why they are drawn to UUCC, they all mentioned the importance of community. Unitarian James Luther Adams defined God as “community-forming power.” Beloved community is where we grow, learn, and serve together. There will be times that someone will disappoint you or make you angry. Covenant calls us back into relationship to begin again in love. Together we can make a difference in our own lives, in the community, and in the world.