Life is Beauty • sunday 28 september 2014 

10.45 Connections ~ sharing joys and concerns (downstairs in the Fahs room)
10.45 Gathering ~ musicCecile de Rocher

11.00 Service ~ Life is Beauty: What appeals to our senses elevates us. In a denomination like ours, filled with varying approaches to the divine and borrowing plentifully from New England intellectual movements, we can most likely agree that music and art elevate us. Let’s let them!  Cecile de Rocher, UUCC member & professor of English at Dalton State College, speaking.

9.30 Forum ~ TBA

Nancy Beel9.30 Poetry Circle ~ Beginning this sunday, Nancy Beel will be hosting a monthly Poetry Circle as one of the offerings for First Hour, every 4th Sunday. This will be a time for us to sit in circle and share, out loud, the poems we love, poems that have meant something to us in the past, or poems we have just discovered. All are welcome, even those who just want to sit silently and listen.


Tracing Our Roots • sunday 21 september 2014

10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys and concerns (downstairs in the Fahs room)
10:45 Gathering ~ musicCathy Harrington

11:00 ServiceRichard Gilbert asks the question, Do we merit the wind we inherit? This sermon explores our rich and inspiring heritage with both humor and deep reverence. Our minister Cathy Harrington leads today’s service.


9:30 Forum ~ A Troubling Tome: Nicholas Wade on Race, led by Charles Redwine.

A Troublesome Inheritance by Nicholas Wade“The most provocative claims in this book involve the genetic basis of human social habits. What we might call middle-class social traits—thrift, docility, nonviolence—have been slowly but surely inculcated genetically within agrarian societies, Wade argues. These “values” obviously had a strong cultural component, but Wade points to evidence that agrarian societies evolved away from hunter-gatherer societies in some crucial respects. Also controversial are his findings regarding the genetic basis of traits we associate with intelligence, such as literacy and numeracy, in certain ethnic populations, including the Chinese and Ashkenazi Jews.”

Reclaiming Prophetic Witness: Liberal Religion in the Public  Square, by Paul Rasor9:30 First Hour ~ A brief introduction to our Common Read: Reclaiming Prophetic Witness: Liberal Religion in the Public Square, by Paul Rasor (7 books available)

Something to Believe in • sunday 14 september 2014

10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys and concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ music

Cathy Harrington11:00 Service ~ For her first sermon at UUCC, our new developmental minister Cathy Harrington will share a bit about her life and the path to ministry that has led her to Chattanooga. She looks forward to serving UUCC as our new religious leader as we share this leg of the journey together.

9:30 Forum ~ Cathy Harrington on the death penalty.

9:30 First Hour ~ Meditation in the Fahs room.

Water Ceremony: a Celebration of Connectedness • sunday 7 september 2014

c is for connections
10:45 Connections
~ sharing joys and concernspouring water
10:55 Gathering ~ music

s is for serviceCathy Harrington11:00 Service ~ In this intergenerational service we celebrate both new beginnings and reminisce together. Members and guests are invited to bring water from your summer adventures, be they from travels far or near (even from your home tap). If you have a story about why this water is special to you, bring that too.  ~ Cathy Harrington

f is for forum9:30 Forum ~ Frank Caperton leads a discussion of Reclaiming Prophetic Witness: Liberal Religion in the Public Square by Paul Rasor, a UU teacher who is director of the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom at Virginia Wesleyan University

p is for pagan
9:30 Pagan Group
~ Etiquette in pagan ritual, interactions with others and in religious discussion.

Pre-Labor Day Potluck Picnic • sunday 31 august 2014

July watermelon, still life by Kay Smith 201411:00 Picnic  ~ Cathy HarringtonJoin us for our annual picnic as we celebrate our labors! Our new developmental minister Cathy Harrington will be joining us – a great time for informal introductions. Please bring a dish to share as we gather in community.

Also, please bring your own plate, cup & ware, if possible, to help us keep unnecessary added waste out of our landfills.  And if anyone wants to bring any outdoor games, it would be a great addition for the big & little kids. Sponsored by the UUCC Board of Trustees.