Living Advent • sunday 30 november 2014

4 candles, 1 lit, for Advent10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys & concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ music

11:00 Service ~ Living Advent
Cathy HarringtonAdvent, a time of waiting, begins four Sundays before Christmas. It is a time of waiting for the sun to be reborn at solstice or waiting for the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Another way to understand the season of Advent is, “To wait in hope is to have what we hope for already come true in us through our hoping.” (NPR, Advent a Season for Hope from Darkness)  Speaking: our minister Cathy Harrington.Karen Armstrong's 'Fields of Blood: religion & the history of violence

9:30 Forum ~  Book discussion of Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence by Karen Armstrong, led by Jim Welborn.

9:30 1st Hour on 5th Sunday ~ 2 short TED Talks
‘Dare to disagree’ & ‘Everyday leadership’


Rediscovering Prayer · sunday 23 november 2014

10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys and concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ musiccentering prayer - candle in hands

11:00 ServiceRediscovering Prayer
Our minister Cathy Harrington traces her experiences as a chaplain at a major trauma hospital in Greenville, South Carolina. The ‘liberal’in a conservative Christian Clinical Pastoral Education class, her assumptions and preconceived notions about God, prayer, and life in general were reconstructed and rediscovered during this ten weeks of intensive training with the harsh realities of life as a classroom.

the New Jim Crow - book cover9:30 Forum ~  Book discussion of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander, facilitated by Jim Welborn.

Love is the Spirit of the Church • sunday 16 november 2014

10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys and concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ music

11:00 Service ~   ~ In advance of Transgender Day of Remembrance … ~ Meredith Lee, speakerTransgender Day of Remembrance @UUCC 2014

9:30 Forum ~  The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism, by Edward Baptist 2014, makes the case that the importance of slavery in the success of the US has been underestimated: “combines the individual voices of an enslaved population within a broader discussion of the economic and geographic growth of America in the nineteenth century. But mostly, he paints a picture of unrestrained, laissez-faire capitalism. A form of capitalism undreamt of by any but the most ardent Ayn Rand fans.” Presented by Charles Redwine.

Taking Charge of Your Future • sunday 9 november 2014

10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys and concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ music
Seniors Together

11:00 Service ~  Everyone wants to live a rich and long life. Just how that is done is a matter of choice although Life itself may deliver some surprises as plans are made.
Chattanooga Collaborative Senior Housing is made up of Sandy Kurtz‘cultural creative’ modeling steps to fashion a mutually supportive and sustainable lifestyle in an urban setting.
Presenter: Sandy KurtzCCSH/

9:30 Forum ~ The Sunflower, Amish Grace and Forgiveness.
Blake Moore, facilitator


the Good Samaritan • sunday 2 november 2014

the Good Samaritan10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys and concernsCathy Harrington
10:55 Gathering ~ music

11:00 Service ~  The story of the Good Samaritan, like all the parables of Jesus, offers a twist on the way we view life. This is a ‘Good’ Samaritan story that will bring that twist full circle. Some of my experiences with the Faithful Fools Street Ministry of San Francisco. Speaker: our minister Cathy Harrington.

9:30 Forum ~ Children’s Home/Chambliss Shelter.
Phil Accord will update us on the status of Tennessee’s children.Phil Accord - Chambliss Center Children's Home








9:30 First Hour ~ Pagan Group