Christmas Grace Notes • sunday 21 december 2014

O'Henry's Gift of the Magi hair combs & watch chain10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys & concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ music

11:00 Service ~ Christmas Grace Notes
Cathy HarringtonA sermon/story by our minister Cathy Harrington about the special gifts that arise out of the rhythms of life, love, and family that often go unnoticed.

9:30 Forum ~  Spirituality vs Religion, aka Contemplative Religions vs Faith-Based Religions, aka Meditation vs Prayer, and all that these dichotomies imply! ~ led by member Roger Davis.


No-Rehearse Christmas Pageant • sunday 14 december 2014

Nativity by El Greco10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys & concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ music

11:00 Service ~ No-Rehearse Christmas Pageant 
Our annual romp through Luke’s nativity story. Come join our community as we don Kay McCurdycostumes, sing carols, and bring this ancient tale to life. A very fun celebratory multigenerational service! Directed by our DRE Kay McCurdy.

Unitarianism in the Antebellum South: The Other Invisible institution by John Macaulay9:30 Forum ~ Unitarianism in the Antebellum South: the Other Invisible Institution, by John Macaulay (University Alabama Press 2001), presented by member Charles Redwine, archaeologist & UA alumnus.
Charles Redwine


The Gift • sunday 7 december 2014

hands giving & receiving a gift10:45 Connections
~ sharing joys & concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ music

11:00 Service ~ The Gift
Cathy HarringtonAll of the world’s great wisdom traditions praise the act of giving. Christianity states that it is more blessed to give than receive, but I challenge the notion that it is more blessed to give. This is so ingrained in our society that we often find it more difficult to receive than to give. This is a sermon about learning that to receive a gift graciously is actually a form of giving.   Speaking: our minister Cathy Harrington.Bill Klontz UUA Stewardship consultant

9:30 Forum ~  Time to Discuss Our Church ~ Bill Clontz, Southeast UUA Stewardship Consultant, with insights on the many program & operation areas of UU congregations, the best way to build a stronger church community, and how to make UUCC more meaningful in our members’ and friends’ lives.


Living Advent • sunday 30 november 2014

4 candles, 1 lit, for Advent10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys & concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ music

11:00 Service ~ Living Advent
Cathy HarringtonAdvent, a time of waiting, begins four Sundays before Christmas. It is a time of waiting for the sun to be reborn at solstice or waiting for the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Another way to understand the season of Advent is, “To wait in hope is to have what we hope for already come true in us through our hoping.” (NPR, Advent a Season for Hope from Darkness)  Speaking: our minister Cathy Harrington.Karen Armstrong's 'Fields of Blood: religion & the history of violence

9:30 Forum ~  Book discussion of Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence by Karen Armstrong, led by Jim Welborn.

9:30 1st Hour on 5th Sunday ~ 2 short TED Talks
‘Dare to disagree’ & ‘Everyday leadership’


Rediscovering Prayer · sunday 23 november 2014

10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys and concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ musiccentering prayer - candle in hands

11:00 ServiceRediscovering Prayer
Our minister Cathy Harrington traces her experiences as a chaplain at a major trauma hospital in Greenville, South Carolina. The ‘liberal’in a conservative Christian Clinical Pastoral Education class, her assumptions and preconceived notions about God, prayer, and life in general were reconstructed and rediscovered during this ten weeks of intensive training with the harsh realities of life as a classroom.

the New Jim Crow - book cover9:30 Forum ~  Book discussion of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander, facilitated by Jim Welborn.