The Goat in the Tree & Other Miracles • sunday 1 march 2015

11:00 Service ~ The Goat in the Tree & Other Miraclesgoat on tree
Cathy Harrington
Everyday miracles that make life worth living happen all around us in every moment. There’s a wonderful greeting card about the humdrum of life (for those of us that sleep with cats) that says something like, “Some days it’s just not worth taking the cat off your face.” We’ve all had days like that! But then, there are those other days; days when our eyes are open wide and we can see the beauty in even a blade of grass, or days when we make the time to experience the joy of laughing with a friend, old or new, or taking time out to just have fun!
Speaker: our minister Cathy Harrington

Pam Sohn9:30 Forum  (downstairs) ~ Working the Left Side of the Newspaper
Speaker: Pam Sohn is the Chattanooga Times editor, representing the left-leaning side of the Chattanooga Times Free Press opinion page. Sohn has been reporting or editing Chattanooga news for 25 years. A Walden’s Ridge native, she came to the combined  Chattanooga Times Free Press in 1999 after working at the Chattanooga Times for 14 years.

Who Ate My Girdle? • sunday 22 february 2015

11:00 Service ~ Who Ate My Girdle?
Cathy Harringtonfoot in riverNo man steps into the same river twice, for it’s not the same 
river and he is not the same man.
– Heraclitus, ca. 500 bce.
Speaker: our minister Cathy Harrington


9:30 Forum  (downstairs)
Chattanooga Family Justice Center logoValerie RaduIt’s About the Why, not the What:
Making a Collective Impact

Speaker: Valerie Radu, new Executive Director at the Hamilton County Family Justice Center, a federal & state government funded program focused on reducing relationship violence in Tennessee. 

Startull: an Average Yellow Star • sunday 15 february 2015

11:00 Service ~ The Story of an Average Yellow Star,
and how it came to feel good about itself.
Charles Darwin
Connie BarlowIn honor of Evolution Weekend, celebrated on the weekend closest to Darwin’s birthday, the RE kids present an evolutionary parable written by scientist Connie Barlow. The purpose of Evolution Weekend is to demonstrate that science and religion can indeed be compatible and to create a more constructive dialogue. Presented by our minister Cathy Harrington and UUCC kids.

9:30 Forum ~  the Classism UUs know, love & promotetom kunesh
  As the UUA casts about for “systems of power, privilege and oppression to counter” (2013), the existing upper & lower religious UU class system of clergy & laity, Lords Spiritual & commoners, continues today only slightly changed from the ancient times of Ur and Nineveh. They are us.  How we got here, & how we can get out.  tom kunesh, presenter. clergy in collars & stoles

Bridging the Gap: Chattanoogans Connected • sunday 8 february 2015

11:00 Service ~ Bridging the Gap: Chattanoogans Connected
black&white cookie~ In 2013 Franklin & Tresa McCallie and cousins Mel & Eleanor Cooper made the very intentional decision to hold home meetings for black and white citizens. These meetings gave rise to the Facebook page Chattanoogans Connected and this statement:Franklin McCallie
Our mission is to engage black and white citizens of Chattanooga in conversations that foster understanding and lasting friendships. Speaker: Franklin McCallie 

9:30 Forum ~  On Classism in UU History
Elite - Uncovering Classism in UU history, by Mark Harris~
  Elite is 
a provocative and critical look at one aspect UUism’s class history that reveals that today’s largely middle-class and educated congregants are descended from an elite cultural establishment. The wealth, standing & religious conviction of these forebears converged in actions and ideas that would be appalling by modern standards. Historian Mark Harris argues that this history needs to be known in order for the denomination to envision a broader, more inclusive future. Book presentation by member tom kunesh.

We are Standing on the Side of Love • sunday 1 february 2015

10:45 Connections
~ sharing joys & concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ music

11:00 Service ~ We are … Standing on the Side of Love  ~ by UUCC Kids
STANDING ON THE SIDE OF LOVEKay McCurdyMusic and testimonials about the power of love, radical hospitality, and community, written and performed by several of our UU Kids. Be sure to join us! Coordinated by our director of Religious Education Kay McCurdy.

9:30 Forum ~  Being Mortal Being Mortal : ageing, illness, medicine and what matters in the end, by Atul Awande
~ Retired editor Frank Caperton will present the book Being Mortal: Ageing, Illness, Medicine & What Matters in the End by Atul Gawande.